Thursday, February 16, 2006

Yeah, the deep South really is messed up 

Forgot I never finished my "Captain's Log" thoughts on the recent trip to the South.

I guess I still can't get over the fact that people down there fly the confederate flag, then criticize liberals. For anything. In the case of Mississippi, their actual state flag contains the confederate flag.

How does the "liberals are against America" crowd defend the South, and a symbol that actually stands for being "against America?" It's one of those issues I just can't see the other side of. What are the excuses they give, anyway? "History?" "Heritage?" "We don't really wish the South would have won?"

Another gem: The highway from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama is designated as a National Historic Trail because of the Civil Rights-era marches that took place there. Makes sense. Until you pass the occasional signs that tell you the highway is also designated the Jefferson Davis Memorial Highway. How the heck can a highway be, simultaneously, a tribute to the fight for equality, and to a guy who fought tooth and nail against it?

Apparently celebrating Davis' life isn't rare -- both Alabama and Mississippi celebrate his birthday each year. And people who think like this seem to be pretty commonplace down there. Sheesh.

Yeah, I realize I'm trying to make sense of the South. I'll stop now.

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