Sunday, February 05, 2006

Some GameDay thoughts 

* I'm watching Arena Football on NBC. This is how ready for football I am. I wonder if NBC's ratings will actually be higher for the AFL today?

* I just saw the "This is Sportscenter" commercial with Ben. Ha! It must have been made last year because his hair is short, but I'd never seen it!

* Everything I see on the pregame shows leads me to the conclusion that the Seahawks are in a prime position to win the game. After 26 years of oh-so-close disappointment from the Steelers and Pirates, I guess I simply don't know how to think any other way. And the fact that my mind is still trying to grasp all that's happened already doesn't help.

* This is what happens when you make "NFL Countdown" six fucking hours long: ESPN is showing a tear-jerking story about a football league for severeal physically disabled kids. And the one kid, who's 11 and has some bad disease, told his parents he doesn't want any more treatments because of the pain, so he has made the decision to die. Seriously, ESPN? No one wants to be fucking depressed watching Super Sunday pregame shows. Stop it. If I'm going to cry today, it's going to be seeing Jerome Bettis up on that podium.

* Ok, now they're doing a story on Troy Polamalu. Much better.

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