Wednesday, February 15, 2006

More on (Moron?) Cheney 

It's purely anecdotal evidence, but I think that far more people hate and mistrust Bush and Cheney for their arrogance than their ideology. This shooting-the-guy-in-the-face thing is a great example. It's appalling that an American VP steadfastly refuses to hold a news conference after shooting a guy in the face, accidentally or otherwise.

Don't get me wrong: I'm not angry for "liberal" reasons. I don't think Cheney shot the guy on purpose, or that the White House is engaged in a cover-up, as Michael Moore suggests. I'm angry because they're fucking arrogant assholes, on purpose. Half the time they appear to do things for no reason other than to thumb their noses at authority, the American people, and the free press.

Why would Cheney, who presumably has nothing to hide, refuse to take questions? There are only two choices.

1) He's an arrogant, juvenile asshole.

2) He's a huge pussy.

Sorry for the Republican frat-boy potty talk, but hey, I like to use their native language when talking about them.

UPDATE: As I write this, I see Cheney's going to talk exclusively to the White House News Network. What a freakin' joke. I'm sure we'll be treated to hard-hitting questions like, "Mr. Cheney, why does the press hate you, when the American people obviously adore you? Can you sign my teat?"

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