Thursday, February 09, 2006

Final Super Bowl XL thoughts 

As great as the victory was, I wish that this "controversy" about the officials weren't hanging over the game. Captain Easychord was right in assuming the game itself wouldn't be as exciting as the path the Steelers took to get there. But it is unfortunate that in addition to being a little dull (minus 3 amazing plays), it's also been branded by some as unfair.

Quick rundown of my thoughts:

* I think the scrutiny of the officiating in the Super Bowl was overblown because of the bad calls in earlier games this offseason. If XL stood alone without any prior incidents, I think we'd be seeing hardly any controversy at all.

* I think the majority of thinking sports fans realize the Steelers won the game fair and square. Champions overcome bad calls. The Steelers did it against Indianapolis. But that doesn't mean it's not aggravating to not have won it cleanly in everyone's eyes.

* If I hear one more person talk about the offensive pass interference call, I'm going to slap them. Complain about the rule itself, sure. But if you do that right in front of a ref, you get the flag every time. The others, I'm not as well-versed on, and don't much care.

* How come hardly anyone talks about the call that went against the Steelers that would have been a change of possession? When the Seattle receiver (was it Jeremy Stevens again?) clearly came down with two feet, made a football move, and then fumbled? It was ruled incomplete, and I thought that was a terrible call. I heard somebody on ESPN say the same yesterday.

Anyway, an unbelievable season we'll never forget. I've got a couple pieces of official Super Bowl Champs clothing now, and will wear them with pride.

And one final note. I heard Kevin Colbert, the Steelers Director of Football Operations, saying that as far as he and the other team "strategerists" go, the offseason is now over (having lasted three days). Their meetings about the NFL draft begin today. Well, I feel like I, too, have had a very short offseason. After shepherding the Steelers emotionally through their dream season, I am now way behind on looking at my Rotisserie Baseball roster for the first time since October. I never look at the upcoming baseball season until the end of Steeler season, which came a lot later than usual this year.

I'm not complaining. This is clearly a problem that I'd like to deal with annually!

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