Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Weekend Update 

So I attended the excellent wedding of my ex-girlfriend over the weekend in Western Massachusetts (Yes, many people seem to think that is odd, but it really isn't to us). I drove up with MLoaf and met up with Messiah (their "comment" names have been used to protect the innocent, even though I will show you pictures of them in a second), and Marc and his wife. The weather was fantastic, and we even caught the tail end of the fall foliage, which was cool.

On Friday we met at Foxwoods casino in Connecticut for some quality bonding time. On Saturday, as we were driving toward the wedding destination, I saw a small sign by the side of the road that said "Satan's Kingdom -- Next Right." Well, I certainly had to see what that was all about. So Loaf and I frantically waved to Messiah in the car in front of us to turn in and see what it was. Turns out it's a pretty cool wildlife area, protected by this federal law that President Bush hasn't managed to mangle yet. And below you see Messiah and Loaf, suited up and standing guard to make sure that doesn't happen.

The wedding itself was great. The bride and groom chose to include a Quaker-style Friends Meeting in the ceremony, which means people sit and reflect and can stand and speak if the "inner light" moves them. When the officiant announced that a typical Friends meeting lasts 45 minutes to an hour, we were scared shitless it would be awkward, lengthy, and deadly dull. But person after person stood up to say touching and often very funny things about the couple, and the time flew by.

On the way home on Sunday, Loaf and I screwed up the directions and found ourselves heading into New York City instead of back across New Jersey toward PA. Realizing it was 3 PM and the Steelers were on at 4, we called up our friend Jason and told him we were barging in to watch the game. So we headed to a bar on the Upper West Side to watch the ugly win over the Packers. The detour was well worth it, and a good roadtrip was had by all.

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