Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Closed Captioned for the Brain Cell Impaired? 

TV producers apparently think Americans are getting dumber every day. So dumb, in fact, that we don't understand English.

Has anyone else noticed the exploding trend of more and more shows (both network and local TV news) putting subtitles underneath people speaking our language? Generally it's a foreign person, but they're almost always clearly understandable. It's either: a) a terribly insulting move on the part of the producers; or b) that the subtitles are actually necessary, which makes me embarassed on the nation's behalf.

I was just watching my first episode of America's Top Model and they put up subtitles for a guy with a pretty mild British/Indian accent. Then they put subtitles underneath the American contestants just because they were slightly off-mic. Again, you could totally understand what they were saying. Sheesh.

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