Monday, November 28, 2005

Ass-backwards priorities 

Violent acts, blood and guts, and 63 dead bodies on television during a single week on prime time television. Yet the backward wing-jobs at the Parents Television Council can't be bothered -- when there is sex to worry about.
The PTC, which frequently files complaints with the Federal Communications Commission about network fare, admits that its focus has primarily been on sex, not gore.
Ya don't say.
The council prefers to steer advertisers away from programming it disapproves of, but hasn't started any campaign against a broadcaster for violent content this season.
I'm stunned.
Americans "seem to have more of a taste for violence, unfortunately, so it's a little bit more difficult to get people worked up over it," [a PTC spokesman] said.
Yeah, because people never like to watch sex. This might be the lamest excuse one of the Breast Nazis has ever given. Not to mention the fact that no one's "worked up" over sex -- except them.

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