Tuesday, October 18, 2005

News and Notes 

Wow, almost a week has gone by. A summary:

* The car is fixed. It was part of the exhaust system, as I figured. Starting to do very early research on a new car, while mine still has a good resale value.

* NYC trip was good. Caught up with Gobo, Mrs. Gobo, Jason, and a good friend from college who I hadn't seen in a couple of years. Saw "Rent," which I enjoyed. Though that was only after I struck out on getting tickets for a few others. There are like 5 shows I really want to see on Broadway right now.

* Steeler game sucked. So much badness, best left unanalyzed.

* I can't believe Survival Football has gone on this long. Three of us are still around. I'm hoping it ends at a reasonable point in the season, so we can have everyone join back in for another round.

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