Friday, October 28, 2005

Deconstructing Harriet (hat tip: Daily Show) 

Everyone has their ideas about the Miers debacle. A million theories about every aspect of it. But what about this one: it was all a very shrewd political ploy. Now, this may be the product of a lack of sleep last night. But stick with me here...

Why couldn't this have simply been brilliantly devious move #874 by Rove & Co.? People are calling this a "setback" for Bush, apparently being chided by his own party. But is it really? Couldn't the inner circle of righties have been in on it all the way? The plan: he tosses Miers to the wolves, knowing he didn't quite have another Roberts out there. She's torn to shreds as being unqualified, as they knew she would be. Then he offers up someone who is clearly qualified, making it tougher for the Dems to oppose even the most ideological conservative. Plus, the Dems will figure that Bush has already suffered at least some political damage, so there's no sense starting World War III.

This theory will obviously be blown out of the water if he nominates another person that conservatives aren't happy with. But I have a hunch that's not going to happen.

Now, feel free to tell me why this makes no sense and I should go take a nap. Although I will take the nap whether you tell me to or not.

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