Sunday, January 02, 2005

Wow, I'd hate to be a Bill.... 

I'm happy the Steelers have become the first AFC team to ever go 15-1. But I had the Bills in my office pool, and I have a razor-thin lead for the final money spot right now. So I have to ask: seriously, how do you lose that game if you're Mike Mularkey's squad, fighting for your playoff life?

Consider: The Steelers' nail-in-the-coffin 4th quarter drive ate up eight minutes and 53 seconds. The Bills knew that third-string QB Brian St. Pierre was not going to throw the ball. He handed off 12 times to 4th string running back Willie Parker, and once to 3rd stringer Verron Haynes. Even if St. Pierre had wanted to throw, his receivers were Lee Mays and Sean Morey, who had a combined 11 career receptions coming into the game!

It absolutely boggles the mind that the NFL's second-ranked defense can't stop a 3rd string NFL offense that has declared it's going to run the ball right up the middle on every down! Maybe the Steelers are just a team of destiny....

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