Monday, January 24, 2005

Weekend Roundup.... 

* Well, I can say one good thing about yesterday's Steelers loss to the Patriots: it was definitive. The Pats were the better team. End of story. Sure, it's a big disappointment since you never know if an NFL team's next shot at a Super Bowl will be in 12 months or 12 years. But we certainly have a lot to build on, and 2004 was a hell of a ride -- and a totally unexpected one at that. I'm not borderline clinically depressed like I was after the 2001 or 1994 collapses! Also, I watched the game with good friends in D.C. who are transplanted Pittsburghers, so it was a great weekend and we had a lot of laughs despite the loss.

* Got to watch some of the Johnny Carson coverage tonight after being out of the TV news loop for the last 36 hours. He was a legend, and I can't really add much to what's already been said. Except that I really wish they'd show a clip I once saw of a time that Ed was drunk on the air, and Johnny realized it early in the show and asked him, "Do you want to go sleep it off?" It was hilarious. I just borrowed some "Best of Carson" tapes from my Dad. Maybe I'll watch one tonight at 11:30.

* The purchase of a new computer to replace my 800-year-old Dell laptop is now imminent. Turns out the cat didn't *accidentally* break a couple of keys off the keyboard. She's doing it for sport. With her teeth. She was recently caught red-handed. 8,G,H,V, B, and "up arrow" are all now just little rubber nubbins.

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