Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Randy's Moon 

I don't really want to talk about Randy Moss, but it seems to be the topic of the week.

Randy's a jackass and a big baby in need of attention. And -- from a sports perspective -- I think over-the-top antics should be curtailed. But I can't buy into the faux on-air outrage that made this a big deal to begin with.

The networks know exactly who Moss is and what he does. They put him in the spotlight because of -- not in spite of -- the way he acts. FOX had a camera trained on him the entire game, not just when he was on the field. If you're really so scared of the guy, why follow his every move and pretend you're surprised when he does something crass? Give me a break.

Joe Buck's over-the-top call ("I'm so sorry we had that on our air! Disgusting! Blah blah blah!") made me laugh out loud. At first, I thought I had missed something and Moss was pretending to take a crap on the ball, or something far worse than the actual event. I mean, he didn't actually moon the fans. I suppose it's possible Buck was truly outraged. That'd be real interesting, though, considering he didn't draw our attention to -- or apologize for -- Moss clearly swearing at fans on camera earlier in the same broadcast.

Buck was probably feigning outrage to avoid the FCC's crazy moralistic wrath, or to pump up his own ratings. Remember: one might wonder what Moss will do next. And where might one be able to find out? Ah, yes: the Divisional Playoffs on FOX. Check your local listings.

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