Thursday, January 13, 2005

Mother Nature's last-minute course correction 

It's 69 degrees here as I write this. January 13, 5:35 PM, and 69 degrees. Ridiculous. Most people are reveling in it -- but not I. I don't like random warm days in winter. They just irritate me. Seasons should stay within themselves and not try to be something they're not. Beyond the irritation, it actually affects me physically: I almost always get a headache. I like summer as much as the next guy, but I also really like the cold. My body adjusts to it and doesn't like the quick change.

That said, we're in for one of the crazier temperature swings I can ever remember. The temperature is going to drop an average of 4 degrees an hour overnight tonight, falling from 69 to 28 by sunrise. Then, the mercury will continue to fall -- or stay the same -- every hour through 5:00 AM Saturday, when it will be 14. That's nutty.

Mother Nature is obviously steering us quickly away from an eventuality that would have resulted in a cosmic implosion of some sort: a Steeler playoff game on a warm day. If she is a Steeler fan, she may also be fiddling with Chad Pennington's immune system. The Jets, I believe, are arriving here today. Chad's been a bit under the weather this week, and a rapid temperature change can't be good for that, can it?

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