Thursday, January 20, 2005

Inauguration notes 

* There was something weird about the speech. The writers built in tons of applause pauses -- like at the State of the Union -- but people weren't really getting into it. So Bush would wait a bit too long after certain phrases, and no one applauded. Then during the brief awkward silence, the people realize they should be applauding, so they did. They needed one of those blinking "APPLAUSE" signs that they have in television studios.

* Instapundit -- who likes to wear his three or four liberal views like a shield while bashing Bush opponents and liberals with a regularity you could set your clock by -- offers up this typical jab at that nasty ol' liberal media:

"Funny, I switched about halfway through from NPR to an AM station running Fox, and on the AM station the applause sounded much louder."

He sometimes purposely phrases things like this so that if you're an idiot, you might think he was accusing FOX of pumping up the volume instead of NPR pumping it down. Either way, I'm quite certain there was no pumping up OR down. He probably doesn't understand the concept or logistics of a pool feed, or the differences between AM and FM frequencies.

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