Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Family Guy and the FCC 

FOX has set a date for Family Guy's long-awaited return: Sunday, May 1st at 9 PM.

The show has also been in the news because FOX blurred Peter Griffin's butt -- yes, a cartoon butt -- in a 5-year-old re-run, afraid of the National Nannies at the FCC.

Speaking of the FCC....they made some surprisingly un-Bush-like decisions today, turning away 36 complaints from dingbat right-wing groups who don't believe we should have sex organs. The upshot of the rulings, as Jeff Jarvis says, is that you can say dick, ass, penis, nutsack, and vagina. (I'm going to get Google hits from people looking for porn now, aren't I?)

Anyway...they'd better not mess with the markedly un-PC edginess that makes Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane so brilliant. Long live Stewie!

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