Tuesday, December 21, 2004

The "presidency" can't take a heckle 

The President is a tough guy. A man's man. A straight shooter. Never backs down. Not afraid of terrorists. But he is, as we've seen since Day 1, quite afraid of being booed, or being around an average American who hasn't been pre-screened to avoid any dissenting opinions.

During his chat with NAACP Prez Kweisi Mfume at the White House, this was W's explanation as to why he's consistently refused to attend NAACP conventions and other events:
Mfume said Tuesday that the president explained in the meeting that he did not attend the convention because Bush was concerned with protecting the office of president from any public humiliation.

Heh. Another article I saw quotes Mfume as saying he can sort of understand that rationale. Kweisi is a classy guy -- who's also probably going to run for the Senate -- so he can't point out the obvious lameness of the explanation.

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