Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Newsweek conservative bias 

Right on cue, Newsweek has provided a fine example of reporter's use of partisan language -- and also of more obvious conservative bias. It's quite the double-whammy!

In this week's issue, the magazine's deputy Washington editor writes of "the gruesome procedure called partial-birth abortion."

Calling it "gruesome?" Is this lady just on the GOP payroll?

And as for saying the procedure is "called" partial birth abortion -- well, that's Frank Luntz's dream come true, and we see it quite often. The procedure isn't called partial birth abortion -- at least not by doctors or anyone who has anything to do with the medical community. The phrase is partisan -- carefully crafted to reinforce a conservative worldview. They put it in the title of the legislation to help it stick and get reporters to repeat it.

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