Friday, December 24, 2004

Go ahead, censor it! 

You might've seen this story about a painting of President Bush that's making waves.

From afar it just looks like Bush's face. Up close, you can see that the face is made up of monkey heads. The organizer of the New York City public art marketplace where the portrait was to be displayed "flipped out" and shut down the entire exhibit because he didn't like the portrait.

As is so often the case, however, when something gets censored it ends up getting far more publicity than the censors could have ever dreamed. Thanks to angry donors, a huge digital reproduction of the portrait is now on a billboard -- at the entrance to the Holland Tunnel. The story's getting national and international attention.

Side note: It's not often I get to say, "I know that guy!" when talking about a story like this -- but this is one of those cases. The artist is the first cousin of a close friend (and reader) of DanNation, and I know his whole family. Though I think the last time I saw him was when he was about 9 and said friend was beating him up in the backyard.

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