Wednesday, December 22, 2004

FOX NEWS: "We Make Up Quotes; You Decide" 

About an hour ago Gen. Richard Myers and Donny Rumsfeld came out and said yesterday's terrible attack in Mosul was the work of a suicide bomber. They used that term. The FOX crawl said "MYERS: HOMICIDE BOMBER SUSPECTED IN MOSUL ATTACK." I figured, eh, that's just the crawl. But sure enough, the article says the same thing.

Search Google News for "Myers Suicide Bomber" and you'll find about 1,600 hits, covering the full spectrum of media from CBS to the Marine Corps Times. Search for "Myers Homicide Bomber," you get 2! -- FOX and the far-right Cybercast News Service.

I knew that using "homicide bomber" instead of "suicide bomber" was one of those ultraconservative things, and that FOX commentators use it in casual conversation. I think it's a stupid debate and I don't much care. But I didn't realize that FOX was so out there that they'd make administration officials sound like they used the term, when they didn't! Maybe I'm way behind in figuring this out.

Anyway, damn those Pentagon war-monger types and their "liberal" terminology.

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