Sunday, December 05, 2004

Damn you, AFC! 

So the Steelers put together perhaps their most improbable Super Bowl-caliber team, and this is the year the NFL balance of power had to shift to put almost all the good teams in the AFC? At this point they may actually have to go 15-1 to get home field in the playoffs, if the Patriots beat all of their remaining cruddy opponents. And even beyond the Pats, the Colts are scary as hell....and the Jets, Ravens, Chargers, and Broncos are all excellent teams capable of winning playoff games.

It's a special treat for out-of-town Steeler fans tonight -- an appearance on ESPN's Sunday Night football. But first, I'll be rooting for the Browns to beat the Patriots in the early game. "Rooting for the Browns." This is difficult to say.

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