Friday, December 10, 2004

CAPTAIN'S LOG: Mike Tyson and Web TV 

Greetings! I'm using a television set and a wireless keyboard to do this, which is just weird, and the connection and technology are circa 1995. So here is the journey so far:

* Arrived LAX. No direct flight to Vegas when we wanted it, because we were using free miles. Wanted to pull "stop" cord like bus and get off plane over Vegas. Captain insisted we stay on to LA and the drive back.

* Arrived at baggage claim. Mike Tyson was there. It was very peculiar. We were right next to him, but didn't talk to him. Only 2 questions I could think of were: "In Punch-Out, why was it so easy to beat Super Macho Man, yet nearly imposible to beat you?" and "Do human ears taste of chicken?" Wanted to live, opted out of both.

* Arrived Alamo Rent-a-Car. No compact car as promised. Per Seinfeld: they took reservation; didn't hold reservation. Now have SUV at same price (oh, GREAT!) that gets Bushworthy 18 MPG and costs us more. Alamo = jackasses.

* Gambling going fine. No blackjack yet, too tired last night. Played penny slot game involving flying pigs. No, not on acid. Conserving words. Connection is ass. More later as events warrant.

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