Monday, November 08, 2004

Oy vey, stop with the searching already! 

Thanks to Sitemeter, I know that I get several hits a week from people searching for "Roethlisberger Jewish." Apparently months ago I mentioned the two words on the same page in unrelated posts.

The answer to the question: "(Is) Roethlisberger Jewish" is, I'm almost certain, no. It is indeed hard to find a definitive answer to this question on the 'net. But when a Jewish athlete becomes a success, he or she is always profiled on webpages devoted to Jewish issues. Or in a pamphlet (see Airplane!, 1980). Anyway, no such profiles exist. But I did find this comment on a football site, and the guy seems to know what he's talking about:
"In bad news for Jews everywhere, unfortunately Ben Roethlisberger is not one of us. His misleading name is Swiss, and he's Methodist. We will all have to go back and accept the best Jewish quarterback is Jay Fiedler. And as a warning for the future, UCF's redshirt QB Kyle Israel is also not Jewish. Somehow I think he'll be the next great QB out of UCF."

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