Wednesday, November 03, 2004

On the bright side.... 

There aren't too many good things about this loss. But I'm tryin'.

1. Michael Moore -- who with a Kerry win would likely have returned to at least "B" level celebrity status -- will pen more books, make a gazillion more dollars, and continue to annoy the Administration on a daily basis.

2. The Daily Show will have tons of new material to work with, making it a "must-TiVo" through 2008.

3. If you chose "8 or more years" in your "When Will We Catch Bin Laden" pool...your chances are looking good for a big payoff!"

4. Similarly, If you chose Iran in your "Name The Next Deadly, Inappropriate, and Poorly-Thought-Out War We Can't Afford" Pool, then stand by -- you might be in luck as well!

5. Playing cards featuring Kim Jong Il and his cabinet? Alright, I've got nothing else.

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