Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Monday Night Smutball 

I really don't mean to harp on the TV censorship stuff. I just take what they give me. Today we've got this Monday Night Football flap. I turned on the game late and didn't see the intro in question, but I read extensively about it. A naked (you only see her back) Nicolette Sheridan jumped into T.O.'s arms. And there was the "adult theme" of Nicolette convincing T.O. to skip the game by theatrically dropping her towel.

I'm trying to be fair-minded and see the conservative side of this -- the "I have kids" side, whatever. The callers on sports talk radio today -- guys who spend their Sundays drinking and waiting for the Coors Twins to come on the screen -- are all pissed off their kids had to see the back of a naked woman. I'm trying to hear their argument. The most sympathetic that I can be is that perhaps they know this isn't really bad, but they were surprised to see it on that particular show -- and people don't like that. But mostly I just think their priorities are whacked and they don't want to talk to their kids about stuff.

First off, you can see more skin than this in a Victoria's Secret commercial. But the bigger issue is how much worse, fucked up stuff is on TV. It's just that they're used to that other stuff. Haven't these people seen the latest Cialis ad? It's really blatant. Why is that OK? Surely if parents are so worried their kid is going to ask them questions about a woman's bare back, they have to wonder when the kid's gonna blurt out, "Mommy, what's a lasting, satisfying erection?"

And are they rushing their kids out of the room every time a beer ad comes on? Beer commercials indisputably teach their kids that it is cool to drink beer, that drinking will allow you to have sex with the woman of your choice and her hot friend, and that if you drink the right brand, they may also mudwrestle.

Hypocritical bungholes.

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