Friday, November 05, 2004

Media faithfully parrots GOP's "mandate" talking point 

I can't believe how much talk there is in the media about a "mandate."

After the closest win by an incumbent since 1916, we see this top headline in USA Today this morning:
"Clear mandate will boost Bush's authority, reach."
The New York Times, CBS, the Wall Street Journal, and just about every other outlet is using the word as well, regurgitating the GOP talking point. Here's a good article in Editor & Publisher that questions whether these outlets have lost their collective minds.

I guess it's a mandate in the sense that he got more votes than his opponent this time. Is that all the word means now?

When more than 48% of Americans voted for the man branded as "the most liberal man in the Senate," you have to question just how much of a mandate Bush has. If he acts like he has a huge majority behind him, the GOP will pay for it within a few years. So the question is: will Bush continue to be beholden to the far-right, or will he start to worry a bit about his legacy -- and the country's future?

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