Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Like a pig searching for mud on a hot Texas summer night 

Well, Dan Rather's stepping down. He was probably going to retire in a few years, but the memos have clearly put him into the Accelerated Involuntary Retirement Program. CBS has now taken action, in my opinion, and no one can accuse them of not doing so. But it'll be interesting to see how the foaming-at-the-mouth types will view this. There's no question they won't give CBS any credit at all.

I'm guessing that John Roberts, who's been the heir apparent for a while, will be tapped to take over in March. All I can say to him is: watch out, my man -- they're coming for you. Rather-haters won't know what to do with themselves, so I'm sure Matt Drudge and FOX producers will be digging through Roberts' garbage soon enough, trying to uncover something nice he once said about a registered Democrat.

Or perhaps they'll just keep focusing on Rather long after it matters -- just like Clinton. Rather is actually staying on full-time to work on special projects, so that should keep 'em busy.

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