Wednesday, October 06, 2004


I think Edwards bested Cheney by a bit last night, but as Daily Kos points out, it was only close because Cheney just made a lot of stuff up.

By far the funniest development was that Cheney told us to go to the "nonpartisan site FactCheck.com" to find the truth about Edwards' accusations on Halliburton. He meant the nonpartisan FactCheck.org (which, amusingly enough, was busy bashing Bush's distortions on Iraq!)

Factcheck.com is owned by some advertising company -- unfortunately for Cheney, one that doesn't care for the Bushies. When Cheney's gaffe caused them to get 100 hits a second, the owners re-directed surfers to George Soros's home page! Absolutely hilarious.

Meantime, the big story today is yet another report from Bush's own people saying that Saddam's threat to the U.S. was diminishing as we went to war. How many times do people need to hear the same thing before they'll believe it?

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