Monday, October 11, 2004

No liberals, addendum 

I forgot the best part of the article, or at least the part that shocked me the most, having not paid attention to it when it happened. You might know the story already:

Remember when Donahue's show on MSNBC was canned? "Low ratings" were cited. I remember the morons on the right used this as evidence that Americans "don't want to listen to liberal voices." Well, did you know that he had the highest ratings on MSNBC at the time he was let go? I was absolutely blown away by that. Doing some more reading about it now, it seems to be commonly understood within the industry that MSNBC management was unhappy with having a true liberal on the air -- they might appear un-American and all. Can't have that. Back to passing off moderates as liberals, and putting prominent conservatives all over the place.

So for a liberal (Donahue) to get fired by NBC, all he has to do is express common liberal opinions. In order for a racist, hate-filled, slimy piece of shit like Michael Savage to get canned, he had to tell a gay man to "go get AIDS and die." And even then, the sick bastard gets to keep his radio show!

Pundits -- not reporters, not anchors, not editors -- decide who the next President will be. They decide who won the debate, and that's the way people vote when they're called by pollsters in the morning. Is it any wonder we are where we are right now, with so much misinformation going unchallenged? I wish the only way people could watch politicians in action was on C-SPAN. Then we'd see what they really think.

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