Thursday, October 28, 2004

The "No-Gloat" Election Pledge 

I think that everyone in America (270 million?) and everyone reading this blog (27?) should take a personal "No Gloat" pledge. If we don't, I think we risk a massive spike in violent crime, headlocks, pie flingings, and divorce filings on Tuesday.

We've heard all the stories about tensions among co-workers and neighbors and families torn apart. Well, all it will take next Tuesday night is someone in a bar going, "Ah ha, W is going back to Texas!" or "Woo-hoo, Bush beat the Communist flip-flopper!" and some poor bastard is gonna get shot 30 times in the crotch. I'm completely against this on either side. Unless it's...... no, I'm against it.

So everyone should pledge:

* not to gloat excessively in front of friends and co-workers from the other side
* not to say unnecessarily inflammatory things on your own blog after a win (you can bitch all you want after a loss)
* not to post a comment to any blog that, if said to someone's face, would likely result in your getting kicked in the biscuits.

The way I see it, everyone should have the sense to take this pledge. If they don't, they are fair game and you can kick their biscuits all you want. Like Kerry says, never go to war because you want to -- only because you have to!

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