Sunday, October 10, 2004

Easy like Sunday morning 

Well, this is the dark side of getting last Friday off to play video games -- I'm at work at 6 a.m. on a Sunday! I wanted that day off because friends were in town for a weekend wedding, so I made a switch with the person who works the desk Sunday AM. It's actually very peaceful, and a good tune-up for Tuesday thru Friday, when I'll be anchoring the morning news (at work by 4:50 AM, back home by 12:30 PM). The great part about working the early mornings is that, the way my body works, I'm not actually awake for the first several hours of the shift. I may look awake because I'm doing work -- but a good portion of my body is still sleeping. This means that it's by far the fastest-moving shift there is. I blink and it's halfway done. Plus there are the added bonuses of a 7-minute commute on empty roads, free parking, and walking out into the sunshine at noon while everyone else is barely on their lunchbreak.

My goal for this morning is to be productive for the first few hours, then go into Operation Shutdown in preparation for the morning football pre-game shows.

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