Wednesday, October 13, 2004


In a bit I'm gonna post about my experiences tonight watching the debate while covering Cheney's rally here, but first my reaction to the debate: Kerry scored a solid victory overall. Less definitive than the first; far more definitive than the second, which seemed fairly close. Bush turned every question -- jobs, Social Security, whatever -- into an education question. Even his supporters must've been weirded out by that.

But the moment that blew me away -- and the huge whopper I hope the media focuses on -- is the Osama bin Laden quote. I remember that quote. I was unable to look it up from where I was, but I knew Bush's nose was growing the minute I heard him say it: Tonight Bush denied Kerry's assertion that Bush said "I'm not that concerned" about Osama. He said it. Kos dug it up, and you can find it yourself online. What incredible gall -- or foolishness -- he showed by denying it. And he turned it into an apparent zinger for himself by saying that it was another Kerry "exaggeration." If the media doesn't call him on it, I'll be appalled. It has to be the lead "Truth Squad"-type story tomorrow.

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