Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Debate lite 

I'm back after a long weekend of fun, lack of sleep, and ignoring the world at large. But I'm well aware that the VP debate is tonight.

While watching the Prez debate at a bachelor party (possibly the first time this has ever happened in the history of the world), we were trying to come up with a drinking game. We didn't plan ahead, though. So I'm trying to come up with just a few suggestions before tonight's event. Feel free to add your own!

One drink:

* Every time Edwards says "Halliburton"
* Every time Cheney snarls or looks like he's going to pull a knife on Edwards
* Every time Edwards says "hope" (pronounced "Hay-ope")
* When Edwards says the aforementioned Hay-ope is "on the way"
* Any time either candidate mentions some fantastic American they met in: Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, or Florida
* Bonus drinks if the battleground state people are old, pregnant, lost their job, or can't afford their prescription drugs
* When Cheney mentions Edwards' lack of experience
* When Edwards says "failed policies," "John Kerry and I" or "the wealthiest Americans"

Start chugging if:

* Cheney actually pulls a knife on Edwards
* Cheney tells Edwards to go fuck himself
* Edwards tries to do it
* Edwards forgets where he is and says, "Ladies and gentlement of the jury"
* Cheney slips up and accidentally refers to himself as President
* Cheney pulls a dead Osama bin Laden out from under the desk and sits him on his lap like a ventriloquist's doll

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