Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Odd idea 

Last night I saw a commercial for a new video game called "Shellshocked: 'Nam '67". It is apparently one of two new Vietnam combat games. To this I must say: Huh?

Even though I usually only get into sports games, I have really enjoyed the Medal of Honor series. In the first MOH game, you're a young American operative named Jimmy Patterson, who takes on secret missions to undermine the Nazi regime. Fun game -- and it makes sense: if you win the game, we win the war, and there is much rejoicing.

I have to ask: what is the ultimate goal of someone playing the Vietnam games? To be the least embarassed at the end? To save the most face? To secure a ticket for the last helicopter flight out of Saigon? To make sure that when you come home, you don't piss off your fellow Swift Boat drivers and lead them to derail your Presidential campaign? It's just weird, I tell you!

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