Thursday, September 02, 2004

GOP thoughts 

* I just watched a little of the Bush speech. Caught a part where he said the government needs to not control our lives. Uh, except for the whole telling-you-who-to-marry thing. That was enough for me. I'm now watching baseball.

* Zell Miller has every right to change his mind, become a Republican, become a Whig, whatever. But he has to realize that he has zero legs to stand on as far as questioning Kerry's record. This is a man who, a couple years ago, invited Kerry to a Georgia event and gushed over him as a brave, heroic American and a great leader. Then he kept listing defense bills that Kerry voted against. But, uh, Dick Cheney voted against them as well. It's almost pointless to even respond to this stuff anymore, since no one seems to care about distortions and inconsistencies. Anyway, Miller's clearly a weird dude. After his scathing speech -- from which Republican insiders are actually trying to distance themselves -- he screamed at Chris Matthews on MSNBC and said he wished we lived in a time when you could challenge a man to a duel. A duel. So Zell Miller wants to kill another human being or die trying, but Howard Dean is the weirdo for an excited yell. Alrighty.

* COMING SOON: A little DanNation history and commentary on the state of our political discourse. Featuring: "How I became so enraged by Bush"; "How I moved away from thinking like a moderate"; and "How I might someday think like a moderate again."

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