Tuesday, August 10, 2004

You have got to be kidding me  

My fantasy baseball team has sunk from first to fourth over the past 6 weeks, mostly due to the black cloud hanging over my starting pitchers. Despite having the best ERA in my league, my pitchers never seem to get wins.

Today the baseball gods -- who have been kicking my teeth in for the better part of 6 weeks -- decided to, well, kick in the teeth of my most reliable starter. Literally.

The Mets' Tom Glavine will miss at least one start after he took a trip in a taxi that hit an SUV on the way to Shea Stadium. He's OK but apparently suffered facial cuts and bruises and lost his two upper front teeth. So I'm headed down the stretch with an inept and injury-riddled set of starting pitchers, one of whom looks like a first grader anxiously awaiting a big visit from the tooth fairy.

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