Wednesday, August 25, 2004


The last couple of posts have me worried that this blog could become something it was never intended to be. Here's why.

When I was bored on vacation, I started posting at thatliberalmedia.com. That brief exercise in futility is pretty much over now, and I don't think I'll be posting there anymore. But when I was there the first couple times I foolishly included the URL for this blog. I also started having an e-mail conversation with Dave Huber, one of the contributors over at That Liberal Media. He seems like a bright guy with strong convictions. Our e-mail exchange was respectful despite our different opinions. And that was all fine. But now I feel like this blog could become one of those blogs where people just bitch at each other non-stop and accomplish nothing. After my brief endeavor into that world, I've decided to jump back out. And I certainly don't want this site to become like that.

I started this blog for me. I didn't even tell anyone about it for a little while. Then when I did, I just thought it would be a fun way for a few friends and relatives to keep up with my musings if they so desired. It was a way to relieve my own aggravation harmlessly -- not to create more. And more than anything it'd hopefully be a way for me to look back at what I've done, what I've thought, if I sounded like an idiot, etc. There's no intent to change anyone's mind. Nor will anyone else's comments change anyone's mind here.

That said, I'd prefer that if you're going to be aggravated with me, reject my politics, or write a lengthy essay in *support* of my position, please e-mail me. My e-mail address is an open book: ultimatedww@aol.com. That goes for people who agree with me too. I really don't need to hear from supporters or detractors when I rant about Cheney or whatever. I know where everyone stands. You might say, "Why have Comments then?" Because when I post about seeing a Delorean, or the Steelers, or the weekly MSNBC news quiz, or pretty much anything else, hearing from other people is fun.

*Please* don't even bother accusing me of "silencing dissent" or that I don't want to hear differing opinions. I hear them all the time, and I know what the other side's going to say before they say it. I'm sure they feel the same way about me. This is about not wanting to see me or others bicker back and forth pointlessly. And I thank you for understanding.

A final note: I'd actually prefer to do more humorous/life event posts of the type that I've done maybe once every week or so. I'll be working on doing more of that. I have simply fallen into the easy trap of opening my mouth everytime something in the news irritates me! It's not what I'm happiest talking about.

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