Tuesday, August 31, 2004


I have decent self-control when it comes to buying new gadgets. That is to say, I don't let myself buy everything I want. Which is everything. I do, however, get new cell phones far more often than is necessary. Despite the fact that my phone had great reception and a long battery life (two fine attributes), I felt the need for a change. I am intrigued by the camera phone revolution, so I bought Sprint PCS's Sanyo 8200.


The early reviews: the photos are low resolution and not a replacement for a real camera by any stretch. But they're great for capturing things for the blog (like the Clinton book picture) and sending quick photos to other people. Sprint makes it extremely easy (though not so cheap) to send stuff instantly from the phone to your Sprint Pictures website, another phone, or an e-mail address. The phone operation is great, but I'm a bit disappointed by the earpiece, which makes callers sound rather harsh/shrill. It's odd because all the previous Sprint phones I've had have been excellent in this regard. But I don't really have many long conversations on it and the other features are so far making up for it. Yes, it's a little strange that the one flaw with my telephone is its sound quality, but hey, that's technology for ya.

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