Monday, August 02, 2004

2000 was nothing 

As has been noted on some other blogs recently, arguably the scariest election-related issue is getting little attention from the media: the potential for fraudulent results due to computerized balloting.

This article from The Nation is a very detailed look at the issue. While it's clearly more likely that the Republican-connected voting machine companies would interfere on behalf of the GOP, a wide range of people could wreak significant havoc for either side at the local level.

To me there's only one reason that you'd make the argument against a paper trail, and it's a corrupt one. It's a pretty black and white issue in my opinion. What's a valid excuse? Too expensive? If we can't spend a few bucks to safeguard our most basic democratic process, then why do we bother with the process at all?

Thankfully it does appear that some people are coming to their senses about this. As you can read in this FOX News article (yeah, they didn't ignore the story!) Ohio decided last month not to use the e-machines after a ruling that they aren't secure. Shouldn't other states be taking the hint?

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