Sunday, July 18, 2004

From Edwards country to Kerry country 

How appropriate that, as a good Democrat, my summer vacations in 2004 are to North Carolina and Massachusetts!
I'm currently in Gloucester, MA -- my beloved second hometown.  Doing some estimated calculations, I've concluded that I've spent the equivalent of 1.85 years of my life here.  I've made some form of visit for 30 consecutive summers, since I was 5 weeks old.
Pointless, unrelated factoid:  I just spent about a half hour on an ultimately successful quest to locate and download one of my favorite commercials of all time.  It's the Computer Associates ad for a data backup system that features a boss and two lackeys, and the two lackeys -- who have planned the boss's presentation -- both hit their heads and knock themselves unconscious.  It's frickin' hilarious.  I think it won and Emmy and various advertising awards.

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