Friday, January 28, 2011


I'd seen old video game emulators plenty of times before, but I never liked them because you have to play using the keyboard, which is stupid.

But this week I came across a forum where people were talking about how you can just plug in a generic video game controller that has a USB connector, and use that instead.

Still skeptical, I bought a $5 controller on Ebay, and damned if it didn't work! I then downloaded like 300 Genesis ROMs from some dude, and I assume I can do the same with Nintendo and perhaps even later systems like Playstation.

Assuming my computer is not now riddled with spyware, it's absolutely amazing, and free!

In my first game of NBA Jam, I won 50-49 on a ridiculous buzzer-beater from the other end of the court. And in NHL '94, another old favorite, I lost 2-1 (as the Penguins) to the L.A. Kings.

The only tricky part is getting used to the button layout that I created, since the new controller is basically a duplicate of the Playstation 1 controller, and the old Genesis controller just had A, B, and C buttons all in a row.

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