Thursday, October 28, 2010

Scrubs need not apply (except one) 

Isn't there an old adage about the guys who couldn't make it as players turning out to be the best coaches?

Apparently that's not the philosophy at Arizona Diamondbacks headquarters. Check out their crazy high-profile coaching lineup after some new hires this week:

Kirk Gibson (Manager) -- 255 career home runs, NL MVP winner
Alan Trammell (Bench) -- .285 career hitter, 1003 RBI, Six-time All-Star
Don Baylor (Hitting) -- All-Star, MVP, 338 home runs
Eric Young (1B) -- All-Star, 465 stolen bases
Charles Nagy (Pitching) -- 129 big league victories, All-Star.
Matt Williams (3B) -- 378 home runs, 4 Gold Gloves, Five-time All-Star

Then there's Bullpen Coach Glenn Sherlock.

The poor bastard never made it to the majors, toiling for seven seasons in the Yankees' farm system. He hit .250 with 7 home runs in 800+ at bats.

I fear he will not have much to contribute, Glory Days-wise, when the coaching staff goes out drinking.

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