Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Ted Marshall, 2010-2011 style 

Here are my entries in the 2010-2011 Ted Marshall, ranked from 10 (most confident it will be cancelled) to 1 (least).

This year was tough. There were no gimmes (see Cavemen). Just a lot of shows that don't do much to stand out in a good or bad way. I have my strategies, though, and we'll see if I can repeat my solid 2009 showing.

10. Smallville (CW)
9. Chase (NBC)
8. The Whole Truth (ABC)
7. My Generation (ABC)
6. Running Wilde (FOX)
5. Detroit 187 (ABC)
4. Better With You (ABC)
3. The Event (NBC)
2. Body of Proof (ABC)
1. Outsourced (NBC)

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