Tuesday, February 02, 2010

The Pad 

I'm torn about whether or not the iPad is going to be the next Biggest Thing Ever.

You have to lean that way, given Apple's track record. And the promo video certainly looks great.

But I need to know more about how fast the 'net stuff will be. As far as web surfing, will it only be as fast as the iPhone is when it's on WiFi/3G networks? If so, I don't know that the coolness of the Pad will be enough to make it worth paying more money and having a slower connection than, say, a netbook.

Also, are people really going to be willing to pay another monthly wireless fee? And if you don't pay for 3G and only use it where there's WiFi, you're not really getting the benefits of its size and portability.

Bottom line: I just have to see it in the store when it comes out. I didn't quite get how great the iPhone was until I used it, and then I was hooked.

As I side note, I'm apparently in the minority in that my thoughts did not go to feminine hygiene products when the name was unveiled. Not feeling the ridicule.

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