Thursday, December 31, 2009

Fayette County: On the cutting edge. If it were 1900. 

Recent articles about Fayette County D.A. Nancy Vernon's ascension to the bench have noted that Vernon is the first female judge in the county's history.

This is bad enough. But the articles go on to say that she was also the first female D.A. and -- get this -- the first woman to practice law in Fayette County.

Now, Vernon is only 54 years old. You mean to tell me the first freakin' woman to practice law in Fayette County wasn't until 1979? Really?

The first female lawyer in Allegheny County was licensed in the 1880's. Pennsylvania had a female attorney general in 1959.

Assuming this is correct information, can there be many counties in the country more behind the times than this? Or are there counties in Mississippi where there are not yet any females with driver's licenses?

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