Friday, September 11, 2009

News and Notes: Things that are excellent 

Hard Knocks on HBO. So damn entertaining. This is my first year watching it. It's even made me like the Bengals a little, and Ocho Cinco a lot (though I have always enjoyed his antics, as opposed to those of T.O., who is a total jackass).

Santonio Holmes. I said around the middle of last year that the Steelers finally realized who he is. He's not a true deep threat, and he's not a possession receiver. He's a tweener. That's how he's being used now, and I think he's going to put up some fantastic numbers this year. Still to be dealt with: Will Mike Wallace or Limey Sweed emerge as the deep threat?

The "MLB At-Bat" app for the iPhone. I really should've posted this in April, but better late than never. This app does the usual stuff -- scoreboards, boxscores, pitch-by-pitch live scoring, etc. But it also includes a full-season subscription to MLB Audio. I can get the radio broadcast of every major league game every single day, and I can choose from the home or away feed. All for $9.95 for the entire season.

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