Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Look Ahead: Vegas, baby! 

Since I don't really have any good G-20 stories, I'll look ahead to Friday, when Gobo, Messiah and I will be heading to Las Vegas for a guys' weekend.

It was already going to be a great trip, hanging out, gambling, swimming, watching football (Steelers Sunday night!) and the last weekend of the baseball season.

But then several weeks ago, Messiah kicked it up a notch by volunteering to make some stock option investments that I still don't really understand, and put the proceeds toward communal activities. He came up huge, making $2,000! So now he's going to be our Sugar Daddy, generously treating us to massages (not by him), expensive dining on Saturday night, and tickets to the Price is Right Live.

(As a result, Messiah, my wife, and others dubbed this a Gaycation, but this was when we were still considering Cirque de Soleil. TPIR is a little more butch. Bette Midler would've been far more Gaycationey. Or The Thunder from Down Under).

Anyway, we'll also have the added bonus of watching Gobo go Cornholio as his Rotisserie baseball team fights for its 312th league championship.

Should be ridiculously fun all around.

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