Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The G20: Nightmare or Y2K-type false alarm? 

It's a strange time to be working in downtown Pittsburgh.

Rumors abound about the degree to which we'll be paralyzed and locked down during the G20. Secret Service, FBI, and local officials are busy preparing, but they're not really saying much.

Public transit may or may not be affected or totally shut down. We may or may not be forced to have a slumber party at work for two days (I'm already planning to bring a couple of old-school gaming systems with me on the 24th, just in case).

And of course, we may or may not be hit in the face by bricks thrown by 30,000 anarchists.

But, you know, such are the hazards of the job.

If the shit hits the fan, you can get first-person accounts from the front lines right here.

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