Friday, July 31, 2009

Training Camp: James Harrison is awesome 

Just saw video on TV of #92 rolling up to St. Vincent in a freakin' Smart Car.

I knew this would draw some interest, so I hit The Google. Sure enough, the picture at left is on the front of the PG site. And Jim Wexell asked the big man about it at Steeler Insider:

Q: What are the benefits of driving that?

A: Not that much on gas. Other than that, there’s a lot of room, but not for the suitcases. It’s fast, too. It’ll go 90, 95.

Q: Not too worried about gas are you?

A: No. Not too worried about gas. I just want to help the environment.
He can be the poster child for environmentally-responsible wealthy athletes! Invite that man to the White House! Oh wait...maybe not.

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