Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Gear-Grinding is back, baby 

As a TiVo owner, you can transfer your shows for free to your laptop. Handy. But what I really like is to have them on the iPhone. You can upgrade to get that, too, for a $20 fee. I did it, and it works nicely.

Except I discovered that all programming from HBO and Showtime is now blocked for "copyright reasons" and can't be transferred anywhere.

This is absolute bullshit. The restrictions even block the user from moving a protected show to a different television in their own house. I'm not illegally downloading something. I paid for it fair and square. Twice, actually. Once for the premium channel, and again for the software that allows me to move it.

With all the amazing shit technology can do, you're telling me that they cannot craft a program that will distinguish between copying to my own laptop and iPhone, and copying/sending the program out to the Internets?

Total horsecrap.

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