Tuesday, May 12, 2009


People tend to complain about moving. But I'm kind of enjoying the process. Of course, a few factors contribute to making this a relatively low-stress move:

1) We're not going far.

2) Our furniture, wall decorations, etc. are almost all second-hand stuff we're getting rid of. Or it's nicer stuff that my grandfather the carpenter (Jewish, but not Jesus Christ) made, but that doesn't have a place in the new house.

3) We don't have to move by a certain date.

We'll be buying a new bed, dining room table, and couch, and that's about all we'll need immediately in terms of big-ticket items.

So basically it's a matter of using the opportunity to sort out and throw away tons of crap. Old clothes, useless trinkets, stuffed animals (!), textbooks, class notes from high school/college (of course, I saved anything entertaining, like doodles of my Rotisserie roster -- which, by the way, appear everywhere).

Anyway, the cleanout process is quite satisfying. And as long as the animals, the HDTV and the TiVo can be safely shuttled into place, all will be well, and we'll slowly get whatever else we need.

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